Tune.pk & Noori Redefining Music Through The Launch of BGBS

Noori, the renowned Rock Band of the Music fraternity of Pakistan is coming back with a bang. After almost a decade, the latest album of Noori is all set to be launched. The much anticipated album; Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh will be launched all over Pakistan on the 9th of October, 2015. Emerging up at a time when rock music in Pakistan is in desperate need of some kind of momentum, the album will surely make a difference among the audience.
Tune.pk is very proud to launch the album alongside Noori. The modus operandi of tune.pk has always been bringing in revolution. With the launch of this album, we wish to bring back the music band that was dormant for a long time. And with them, we plan to promote the rock genre in Pakistan. The Rock genre is prevalent in other regions of the world, it should grow in Pakistan as well. Because the amount of talent Pakistan has is unparalleled. And Tune.pk visualizes promoting the talent that Pakistan has on national and international level.
The album will also be releasing on Patari.pk. Stay tuned to the launch because music is going to be redefined.

How to upload videos on the official PCFF channel on tune.pk

Pocket Cinema Film Festival promotes film making through the use of one’s cell phone camera. The event is being organized by iSmartFilms. The idea behind PCFF is to encourage aspiring filmmakers to share their work through basic film making, without having to equip themselves with expensive video equipment, training or field experience. In doing so, PCFF strives to maintain film submission and festival admission free of charge. This event will create a new breed of film makers and would give a chance to the local and regional talent to exhibit their skills.

Tune.pk has partnered with iSmartFilms and would provide them with a video sharing platform. Participants will directly upload their short films on PCFF’s official channel on tune.pk, and the content would later be seen and marked by the panelists. This venture would strengthen the current film making scenario and would encourage the regional and local talent to boost their skills.  Tune.pk aims to promote the event and would strive to make this process as smooth as possible.

You can submit your content to the website by following these simple steps

For Desktop

  1. Visit the following link http://tune.pk/pocketcinemaff on your browser
  2. Click on the ‘Upload your own videos’ button on the top right of the page
  3. Create new account on tune.pk or login through Facebook
  4. Set up your profile
  5. Click on the ‘Select Files to Upload’ button. Select the file to upload
  6. Upon upload, you will receive a notification from the system

For Mobile

  1. Visit the following link http://tune.pk/pocketcinemaff on your mobile browser
  2. Click on the ‘Upload’ button on the top right of the page
  3. Create new account on tune.pk or login through Facebook
  4. Set up your profile
  5. Click on the ‘Select Files to Upload’ button. Select the file to upload
  6. Upon upload, you will receive a notification from the system

Tune.pk celebrates its 3rd Anniversary whilst YouTube mourns three years of Ban in Pakistan

On 17th September 2012, YouTube was banned from Pakistan on Grounds of Blasphemy. While that was happening, the team of tune.pk was ready to launch their product in the market. The premise was to provide the users with a video sharing platform that is purely Pakistani. As of now Tune.pk is one of the biggest video sharing website not only in Pakistan but also in South-Asia region and is serving millions of videos daily all around the world.Tune.pk is a video sharing website where users can upload, watch and share videos. Unregistered users can watch, share and even comment on any video. However registration is required for uploading and rating a video. Tune.pk is available on all digital means including iOS, Windows and Android

Tune.pk was started off as a team of two; Jahanzeb Hassan & Arslan Hassan in a small room of their own house. With continuous hard work and dedication they were able to create something that is being used by the entire Pakistani market as of today.

As it is faced by every startup, Tune.pk also faced a lot of problems after its launch. When it was created, the main focus was to promote music which later was converted to promoting videos. On its pilot phase tune.pk was using 3rd Party Software with a customized style. In October 2007, Tune.pk was taken down by hosting stating it is using 3rd party script illegally. This prompted the team to create something that would solely be their own. And after working tirelessly for a long time, tune.pk was able to strike back in 2012, on the same day that YouTube was facing an existential crisis in Pakistan.

Even though our country as a whole was mourning YouTube being banned and there was a lot of backlash, Tune.pk stepped up and provided a solution to the problem that was being faced by the Pakistani market at that time. YouTube is our competitor but we don’t support the ban on them. We hope that the ban gets lifted soon so that Tune.pk competes with YouTube in every way possible and prove to everyone that we can excel the market leader in terms of quality and experience.

We have always believed in a patriotic approach, that’s the exact reason why Tune.pk has its heart and all its operations set in Pakistan. Tune.pk has always strived to enhance user experience, which is why we are revamping our website design on our 3rd anniversary this year (17th September).

We wanted to bring in the best for our users in terms of experience and visuals. So we have tweaked the website design to make it more user friendly. Some Amazing features are given below:

  • Our video player is faster & efficient
  • Design color has been changed from dark to light shadow
  • Notification panel; Every user will now get all important notifications
  • Mobile App up-gradation (Android & iOS)
  • White hat; Through this feature users can get benefits in form of cash/gift for reporting any issue or bug on site

Now, experience the new and improved tune.pk yourself. JEEVAY PAKISTAN.

Tune.pk & iSmart films join hands as an Official Content Partner

We are pleased to announce that tune.pk join hands with one of the leading digital film agency iSmart films as an official partner. They will work together for strengthen of their digital mediums and provide marketing opportunities. . As a partner we will work together to promote mobile making videos and make this process as smooth as possible. The partnership of both companies will take place over the next specified period.

Tune.pk is a Pakistan’s biggest video sharing website that provides a platform to share all kinds of videos around the world with a millions of its users. Tune.pk is available on all digital means including iOS, Windows and Android.

iSmart films is a platform for innovators, creators and  filmmakers minded. iSmart films crafts professional Smartphone films for Mobile creative & Visual Storytellers. They love to promote photography and film making from smartphone cameras. They are currently partner with top class Dubai and USA based companies for crafting high quality equipment as well as production that will change the way you film with conventional equipment.

Tune.pk is highly grateful to be as an official partner of iSmart films which leads both of the companies in a new digital era by providing quality services to each other.  Tune.pk will provide its platform to iSmart films for sharing their content and promotes mobile making films to it users.

This partnership will run as decided in the memorandum which is signed by Founder of iSmart Films Abid Beli and CSO  (Chief Strategy Officer) of Tune.pk Osman Nasir.

This  partnership has also been posted on different websites as follows:

  • http://www.geo.tv/article-196858-Film-making-iSmartFilms–Tune.pk-organizes-fest-to-promote-local-talent
  • http://www.thenews.com.pk/article-196858-Film-making-revolutionized:-Local-talent-being-promoted-by-iSmartFilms-&-Tune.pk
  • http://thekooza.com/film-making-revolutionized-local-talent-being-promoted-by-ismartfilms-tune-pk.html

Now Experience Tune.pk Android app version 2.0

Tune.pk has just released the version 2.0 of its Android app which offers a complete new layout and is compatible with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. The App now allows you to check your previous videos history and a big change in video gestures.


Following are the key changes/features:

  1. Concurrent downloads and uploads – up to 5 (can be changed from settings screen)
  2. Watch history: keeps offline history of videos watched
  3. Watch later: users can add video to the list to view the videos later
  4. No need to sign in every time,
  5. Users can sign up from the app rather doing from website.
  6. Can update your profile from the app.
  7. video player now has configurable gestures (tap, double tap, long press, fling/swipe up, fling/swipe down)
  8. The app can pick highest or lowest quality to play by default (this can be modified from settings screen)