Mother’s Day 2016 celebrated Mothers Day this year in full swing. Because we believe that our mothers need to be appreciated and adored in the best way possible, not only once in a year but every minute of every day. But since grand celebrations come once in a while so we picked up 8th May for it.

The activity was set up at Fortress Square Mall. It consisted of a photo booth, so that people can take memorable pictures with their mothers and families.

Other than that if anyone wanted to get video messages recorded for their mothers, they could use the services of our videographer on spot.

You can watch all the video messages on the following link:

Here is a video compilation of the sweetest messages recorded!

The Dissemination of Music in the Digital Age

The CEO and Co-founder of, Mr. Arslan Hassan will be participating in the panel discussion on ‘The dissemination of music in the digital age’ at the first day of The Lahore Music Meet
on 2nd April. The session would commence from 3:00 PM and will end at 3:50 PM. Other notable panelists for the discussion include Khalid Bajwa, Haroon, Bassam Qureshi and Zeeshan Chaudhry.

The Lahore Music Meet (LMM) is a two-day event dedicated to the celebration and critique of music in Pakistan. LMM aims to bring together enthusiasts, artisans, artists, patrons, industry representatives and academics to initiate dialogue on the developments in music and their shortcomings.

So stay tuned and if you are at the Lahore Music Meet, don’t forget to attend the panel discussion. Jeevay Pakistan!

Channels on

Channels on are user accounts and public profiles mostly depicting an individual person or company. The reason to create a channel on is to have a  digital presence on the website .

A channels hosts video data by a user and can range from original content to anything the user wishes to upload. A certain user has the choice to make their content public or private, depending on their preference.

Featured channels on are either of in-house productions and/or partnerships.

Channels are absolutely free of cost. Anyone and everyone can make their channel on So create your channel on today and start uploading. joins hands with Softec’16 as Digital Media Partner

The biggest IT Extravaganza of Lahore is back. Yes, we are talking about Softec. The annual event hosted by National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) completes its 20 years this year. The Two-day event will be held on 12th and 13th March, 2016. The theme of this year’s Softec is “Science and Technology – Our Islamic Heritage”. The event is organized by the student body of FAST and is sponsored by leading IT companies in Pakistan.
The event contributes towards the advancement of technology and research in Pakistan’s IT industry. It is a platform that recognizes talent, a forum for exchange of ideas and an opportunity for students with a passion in IT to interact with professionals from all over the globe. In short, Softec is a platform that connects individuals through competitions, conferences, exhibitions and much more.
If you want to experience I.T culture of Pakistan and technological advancement, Softec is the event for you.

SOFTEC 2016 will comprise of the following modules:

  • Software Competition and Exhibition
  • Engineering Project Competition and Exhibition
  • Programming Competition
  • Web Development
  • Robo Rumble
  • Graphic Designing Competition
  • Gaming Competition
  • Ideas Xtreme
  • IT Conferences
  • Software House Enclosure
  • And last but not the least a spectacular Entertainment Eve

This year around is the official digital media partner for Softec 2016. We are proud to be associated with an event of such magnitude, that promotes progression in the country.
All Softec related video content will be available on on the following channel:
Stay Tuned!

‘What’s Next?’ – Panel Discussion IT Conference Softec’16

The CEO of, Mr. Arslan Hassan will be participating in IT Conference Softec 2016 in the panel for discussing what’s next for startups. The panel will also discuss what should be the next step once a startup has been launched. The conference will take place in FAST-NU Lahore on 12th March, 2016. Stay Tuned to hear from the entrepreneur himself.


Tune with Mustafa

Tune with Mustafa is going to be a one of its kind social media based interview program. is the proud sponsor and producer of the show. It’s an in house initiative taken by with the aim of creating a bridge between the celebrities of Pakistan and the general audience. Since social media is a dominant medium, the interview would be released on all social media platforms and on exclusively.

Tune with Mustafa will provide our viewers a complete insight on the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities. Since people draw inspiration from famous personalities and they want to know about the highs and lows, ambitions and life journey of their beloved celebs, Tune with Mustafa will be a treat for the viewers. Not only will the show reach out to famous celebrities but also to real life heroes, people whose achievements sometimes go unnoticed will also be interviewed by us so that they can be heard and have their spot on the forefront as they deserve.

The show will be hosted by Mr.Mustafa Shah. The first episode of Tune with Mustafa releases on the 25th of February.

Follow the latest releases on the official channel here:

Have a look at the teaser of the first Episode right here!

So stay tuned to witness a jam packed few minutes, full with controversy, drama, success stories and entertainment. Jeevay Pakistan!

Tune Trailers

Who doesn’t love movies? All of us do. Now how great would it be to have a place where you’d be able to see the trailers for all the upcoming Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood flicks!

Keeping the convenience of our viewers in mind, has launched a page dedicated solely to trailers. So that all of you get a one stop access to all the trailers, movie clips and teasers.

The trailers page can be accessed from homepage. As soon as you open the site, you’d be able to see a ‘Watch Latest Trailers’ banner on your left hand side, click on it and browse through all the latest trailers. Be it the tease of your favorite season or the announcement for the movie you have been anticipating watching, you’d find it all on Tune Trailers.

So tune in now and have a look at all the upcoming movies so that you can book your tickets for the cinema in advance!

Here is the link to the page, check it out now:

Stay Tuned!; Official Digital Media Partner for Bestival’2016

The most sought after event in Lahore is back. Yes! We are talking about the Bestival, annually hosted by Beaconhouse National University Lahore. This time around is the Official Digital Media Partner for the event.

The Bestival tradition was started in 2012, so this year would be the 5th anniversary of the 4 day event. To mark this achievement, the theme for Bestival 2016 would center on Quintessentials (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Void). Each element signifying each year for Bestival’s commencement.

Bestival is a multi-category event that goes on for 4 days. It is the largest annual student event held by BNU. The following competitions will be held under the Bestival Banner this year: Individual singing, Standup Comedy, Journalism, Table Tennis, Ramp Jewelry, Art of Motion, Chess, Instrumental, Film Production, Battle of the Bands, Debate, Rap Battle, Arm Wrestling, Volley Ball, Gaming, Thematic Art, Business Initiative, Futsal, Fashion Design, Photography, Dramatics and Poetry and Prose.

All Bestival related videos will be available on on the following channel:

The event dates are 3-6 March. Stay tuned for updates!

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