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Monetization on Tune.pk

Tune.pk is a product that originated from Pakistan a few years back and gradually but steadily made its place in the market by technologically evolving itself to suit the needs of its users. Currently the platform is serving millions of videos to viewers globally.

And with the advent of 2017, one very positive feature has been added to the overall interface that would benefit the users of tune.pk in the best way possible. From now on, content uploaders will be able to earn money on their content on site. Even though the feature has been there for quite some time now but the users were not aware of it and that was causing some problems. But the overall process has been made easier now and ‘Earn Money’ button has been added on the top right corner of the video player that would provide the user easy access to getting their content monetized.



To summarize, the ‘Earn Money’ button will be able to enhance user engagement and will provide maximized monetary benefits to all users. It will enable us to reach out publishers who again will be able to reap benefits in the form of monetary return. It will also provide an easy gateway for publishers to connect with Tune.pk. And as stated before, it will make the overall process of requesting activation of monetization on their channel by a user easier.

So if you want to earn through videos, make a channel on tune.pk and start uploading content!

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6 thoughts on “Monetization on Tune.pk

  1. Can we also earn by creating and then uploading video through android smartphones or is it just limited through desktop/laptop

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