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Stats Discrepancy Issue Sorted

A couple of days ago, our Support Team started to received a couple of emails from our worthy users; highlighting some discrepancies in stats of their videos. The team at our office was aware of the prevailing scenario; Hence they took measures to fix the matter in case at earliest. Here’s a brief overview of the fixes that enabled us restore our pristine services.

‘Playback’ is an action which records actual user playbacks in a video. Playback action is primarily used for internal evaluation and analysis by our team to gauge user behaviour. The issue of inconsistent stats emerged when Playback action started to generate several thousand documents more than we planned while recording. This caused a conflicting scenario where stats were not being updated periodically and thus showing different values than expected.

Our Engineers quickly responded to the problem and figured out transactions were blocked at one end of the node due to an internal network problem. They applied the fixed and pushed all the transactions, To avoid this problem in future a monitoring tool is already being developed to make world a better place again!

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