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Try’s new features

I am excited to announce’s beta testing program for our users. A few selected users can now test our new features before they will be made public.

Constant technological evolution requires user feedback and recently we have made major changes in our interface which resulted in increased on-site activity and attracted more visitor. Today we have two features, ready to be tested from our loyal user base whose feedback can help us improve our products.


How to get new features

Go to, Request features you want to try. – Features page preview

Why is it essential to get feedback?

Criticism is a very important part of growth. It gives us a neutral opinion and room of improvement in our new features and(or) products. Through criticism we can we can provide all of you with a better user experience and add value for you.


How you can provide your feedback?
Its easy, you just have to go to the following link and select ‘Feedback’ in new ticket section and help make more AWESOME than it already is.

Jeevay Pakistan!
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